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How Does This Motor Thing Work?

     Glad you asked! When you know the date for your event, and know the party package best for your event, fill out the contact form and we will confirm your date and assist with party details. Talk to us about the amount of kids, space size, and average age of kids at the event; for appropriate car sizing. 


     No payment is due until we finalize that your date and time is available. Final payment will be due 24 hours before event. The "2 Hours" will begin on the agreed upon time, and after setup is complete. When we arrive, we will assess the area and customize a track to maximize the fun and maintain the safety for your event.


     Each event is different, so we would love to get the details to customize your day! 

KID SAFETY is very important; our goal is to:

-Prevent Injury 

-Ensure Direct Adult Supervision 

-Never Ride at Night

-Keep Children within safe riding areas: away from swimming pools and other bodies of water to prevent drownings

-Prevent tip overs: generally level grounds, away from steps, steep inclines, cars, roads and alleys.


- Always sit on seat while in operation.

- Always wear shoes.

- Only1 (one) rider -t a time on 1 seater cars.

- Only 2 (two) riders at a time on 2 seater cars.

- Never ride in the cargo bed.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

 ALL DEPOSITS or PAYMENTS ARE NON- REFUNDABLE.  IF you cancel for ANY reason you will receive a CREDIT that can be used for up to 3 months.  Your invoice will be updated to reflect the cancellation and you will have (1) opportunity to use the deposit / full payment made at the time of the order.  For further detail call 904-878-1426

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